It is a community of women professionals who come forward to support, guide, mentor and build confidence in girls from low socio economic background in the age group of 15-21 years and help them grow as individuals who can dare to think for themselves, dare to dream about what they want to achieve, dare to own their lives, dare to voice their opinions and dare to be free from what others think of them , dare to take the right decisions about their future. It is also an initiative trying to enable potential girls to achieve the dreams related to their career prospects by providing them with necessary skill development programs so that they achieve financial independence.

Our Mission

  • To reach 1 million girls between 15 to 21 who have limited access to resources, across India
  • To support these girls in tapping their talent, through dialogue circles and by focused mentoring & skill development
  • To create an empowering ecosystem which builds self sufficient adults, and conscious parents, leaders, employees, entrepreneurs etc capable of making their own choices
  • To develop women leaders who become role models for future generations
कर साहस

क्यूँ रुकी है तू
क्यूँ झुकी है तू
अब थाम के उंगली मेरी
उठ जा ज़रा गुड़िया मेरी
मैं हूँ संग तेरे संगिनी
कर साहस, अब हुंकार ले
अपनी शक्ति को स्वीकार ले

समाज नहीं है ये है डर तेरा
तुझे रखे निर्बल यह पिंजरा
तेरे प्रतिभा तेरे पंख हैं
अब उड़ जा, छू ले आसमाँ
अब तोड़ दे सब बेड़ियाँ
तू द्रौपदी भी, और खुद कृष्ण भी
तेरा साहस ही तेरा वस्त्र है
तेरी प्रतिभा ही तेरा अस्त्र है

अबला है, है वो नारी बेचारी
यह सब झूठ है, अपवाद है
सबल है तू , सशक्त भी
तेरे संग संगिनी संवाद है
अब क्यूँ रुकी है तू, क्यूँ झुकी है तू
उठ जा ज़रा गुड़िया मेरी
में हूँ संग तेरे संगिनी
अब जोश भर, हुंकार ले
अपनी शक्ति को स्वीकार ले
खुल कर हंस, अब बढ़ ज़रा
कर साहस, छू ले अपना आसमाँ
- मीनाक्षी एम सिंह

Key Elements A

  • Engage through Creative expression
  • Build awareness, inspire and transform mindsets through Dialogue
  • Enable choice making for empowerment through exposure to domains, skill building, industry synergy
  • Mentor and support the best to attain their goals

Key Elements B

  • Integrates creativity, social awareness and student centric skill development both in soft and hard skills
  • Engages existing community, industry and employees in volunteer/ paid matrix
  • Synergizes institutional mainstream education with student centric and industry focused skill development
  • Gives opportunity to industry to come forward to create skill development hubs clearly targeting employability
  • Brings down costs and leakages in commuting, infrastructure, training
  • Gives exposure to students and entrepreneurs by bringing them in direct interaction with each other
  • Identifies and supports the best talent in an institution
  • Raises the bar for women as target group for growth and employment
  • Has high potential for scale and impact

Key Elements C

  • Clear focus on women getting ready for adult choice making
  • Focus on rural sector women near urban belts to begin with
  • Bridging the physical gap between potential employers and employees
  • Start a survey of a meaningful assessment of constraints to higher women employment and solutions thereby
  • Bridging the gap in quality of training by engaging professional women power
  • Extending CSR beyond funding – to real skill engagement from company resources/talent

Key Elements D

Work Flow Examples for a college

Phase 1

  • Broad coverage of approx. 500 students from final year
  • 5-6 sessions on Samvaad
  • 5-6 sessions on Sashakt- soft skills training
  • 5-6 workshops on Pratibha

Phase 2

  • Focused coverage for interested students for skill development and industry talks
  • Mid October to mid March

Phase 3

  • Selection of 25 star sanginis for special mentoring and support, JobsConnect
  • Mid February to mid April

Key Elements E

  • Bandwidth for delivery : Community, ESR, Industry leaders, volunteers
  • Standardization : Session and Workshop design to be certification ready
  • Expertise: Educationists and skill development professionals
  • Scale-ability : based on several factors but easily possible
  • Funds requirement : Skill development, Events, Coordination, Mentoring, material/equipment through CSR, individuals, Government
  • Government support : access to institutions
  • Impact assessment : develop methodology to study before –after in terms of women empowered and made industry/job ready, choice ready, socially forward looking

Impact: Outcomes expected

  • Selected girls mentored for professional excellence in up to 6 areas
  • Greater awareness and ability to deal with social situations/constraints
  • Enhanced life and social skills
  • Significant Rise in motivational levels
  • Employability ready students with high quality soft skills
  • Industry match ready students with high quality hard skills
  • Actual employment from college

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