Leadership and Policy for India: Women’s perspectives

Coinciding with International Women’s Week: 2017

Invite 100 women leaders of tomorrow who ability to think on policy issues, worked on ground, high on conscious values, potential to be an influencer, consistent track record of work in nation-building for 3 years, Age between 25-55 years

Core group: Swathi Ram, Malavika Sharma, Leena Bansod, Aparna Patwardhan, Gauri Sarin

Objective: Identify set of 100 leaders who can influence policies and governance, to create a pipeline of leadership in the socio-political ecosystem

Disclaimers to be added – irrespective of religion, political affiliation, no extreme ideological position preferably

Why this platform for women leaders is important to the dialogue of a New India: a few principles

1) Diversity in democratic process - Genuinely believe women can contribute to political, social and environmental reforms.

2) Equality - Create a level playing field for women.

3) Acknowledged need for new set of leaders with conscious values (women right now, but across any disparities).

4) Support network - women for women, to enter into fields which are patriarchal currently.

5) Mentoring - Takes more courage to enter into fields which are emotionally challenging.

6) Scientific process of assessment and identification of leaders. Natural and scientific process together to create the new set of leaders.

7) Bridging divides

5 Pillars of the PROGRAM

This program emphasizes on leadership being about five pillars -

  • Governance, economy and policy,
  • Women's perspective on leadership and developmental issues (sustainability),
  • Demonstrated values
  • Community and culture
  • Democratic process and shifting paradigms

To discuss:
Process/ Implementation? Timeframe of program
Mode - technology-based?Points to ponder:Language/ regional barrier?

Gauri Sarin