Developing skill development programs and vocational training to be given to potential girls to enhance their skills by professionals / experts. This program will be certified. Training programs in areas like customer relations, computer, media, retail , self employment are being provided to potential girls.

Our Programs

Spoken English

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Retail Management

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The Power of Personal Image

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Digital Marketing Course

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Tips for Presentation skills

Managing your finances

Time management is about Balance

Building Communication & Confidence

Saahas se Sashakt - Phase 1

  •  This will be support network of women entrepreneurs and mentors who in phase 1 will put together the program of Skills to Livelihood.
  •  Sessions on soft skills including Communication, Presentation skills, English speaking, Time Management and Grooming.
  •  Skill sessions will be in the premises of schools or colleges.


Saahas se Sashakt - Phase 2

  •  Industry/domain talks by industry leaders, entrepreneurs.
  •  Skill development centres.
  •  Start in October 2016 onwards.
  •  Certification process.
  •  Engagment with CSR and NSDC.

Program Sashakt

Program Sashakt 1

2 hours each session on

  •  Grooming and Confidence.
  •  Presentation and Communication skills.
  •  Financial management.
  •  Time Management & Decision making.
  •  Yoga for fitness.

Program Sashakt 2

1 to 3 months every Friday/Saturday (paid programs)

  •  English speaking.
  •  Digital marketing.
  •  Customer service.
  •  Interior Design.
  •  Media literacy (specialized).

Program Sashakt 3

1.5 hour industry talks on

  •  Hospitality
  •  Healthcare
  •  BPO
  •  Travel, Tourism
  •  F&B, Catering
  •  Retail
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Beauty & Wellness
  •  Legal
  •  Banking, Insurance
  •  Police services
  •  Nutrition
  •  Fashion