Saahas Se Samvaad

This program is a centrepiece of Saahas where girls encouraged to sit in the circle and Debate Discuss & share their issues affecting them in their daily lives. Open a girl mind is a key to ,motivate & empower her to explore her potential. It is all about communication. Encourage girls to speak up, make them confident enough to take decisions and voice them, bring about an attitude change.

Below our few topics which will be facilitated by our facilitators.

  •  A platform for girls to listen to inspirational stories and interact with women achievers who have displayed courage to fulfill their dreams.
  •  Dialogue and exchange of thoughts on subjects of social, personal, financial importance.
  •  Topics would include: Attitude towards girls, marriage, safety, financial concerns, health and hygiene, etc.
  •  Facilitated by counsellors, trainers for student groups for 2 hours each.
  •  Boys and parents may be involved in a session too.
  •  Sessions will be customised as per requirement of institutions or group.

Program Se Samvaad

This program is about having dialogues around topics which are very relevant to our wellbeing but are normally never discussed openly. We would encourage you to come, discuss, debate and have fun.

  •  Making choices, Living dreams
  •  Making financial freedom possible
  •  Taking first steps towards Security
  •  Courage and taking responsibility
  •  Beauty begins with health