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Relationship Stories

Relationship Stories

#WomenStories #RelationshipStories #EmotionalViolence

Today was a busy day with lots happening yet when I met this young nervous banker who had come home with a swad of new notes, I couldn't help asking her about her ....in about ten minutes she was sobbing uncontrollably and I was handing her tissues.

What got her in tears you would wonder.
Just one statement when she stated bravely that she has no intention of getting married.

Has someone broken your heart ?
Out came the story of her previous marriage where the boy had refused to talk to her for full three years for reasons she never still understands! It of course ended in a broken marriage despite all her efforts.

I was truly concerned. So many girls brought up in a protected environment go through this pain and heartbreak. Who is to blame ? Parents ? Are they victims or culprits ?

  •  Are the boys and girls who enter into matrimony responsible for their lives at all or pushed to obey decisions by elders ?
  •  The boy was perhaps compelled to marry a girl he was not interested in.
  •  The girl was made to feel cheated and betrayed. And has lost trust in all relationships.
  •  What use is such love and parenting ?
  •  What use is such a social system ?
  •  Why aren't young people taught to be kind ?
  •  Why are coping skills so poor that one episode can break your belief in yourself ?
  •  What leads to such judgements for our futures ?
  •  Why is marriage end of life for so many girls ?

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