Objectives of the Course

  •  Identify the functions of a retailer
  •  Classify the various formats of store and non-store retailing
  •  Demonstrate the process of material management and identify the types of material handling equipment
  •  Identify the effective customer service and dealing effectively with customers
  •  Find out the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of communication
  •  Identify the steps in determining the right assortment of Merchandise
  •  Identify relevance of e-retailing resources and Information & communication Technology
  •  Identify the various telemarketing technologies and categorize the telemarketing activities

Retail Management


1. Introduction to the concept of Marketing

2. Fundamentals of Retailing

3. Retail Marketing Mix.

4. Retail Sales Management

5. Retail Operations

6. Retail Selling Skills

7. Retail Consumer Behaviour

8. Merchandise Planning

9. Visual Merchandising

10. Customer Relationship Management

11. Customer Service

12. Business Communication

13. Non-Store Retailing

14. Career Prospects in Retail